About Us

About Us
We are a “Turn-Key” construction company.
Aterinşaat, is a turn-key construction company operating under Atergrup, which has been servicing the construction industry since 1995.
Atergrup provides a broad range of services through its subsidiary companies and brands. Specialist services range from production to distribution and dealership of local and international brands to retailing of construction materials; from design and implementation of solar energy projects to construction of building components and systems such as roofing and facade systems, structural steel and more.
Aterinsaat was established to provide and implement engineering solutions to the most complex and demanding projects thanks to its variety of experience acquired in different construction techniques and building types over the years, as well as the in-depth expertise brought by specialisation.
The managerial skills it brings together, alongside its technical knowledge and infrastructural superiority, enables Aterinsaat to deliver its services to its clients with highest quality, lowest costs and in the safest and quickest way.
With a high respect and enthusiasm for its work, Aterinsaat follows new developments in the construction sector on a daily basis and improves its service in order to exceed its clients’ expectations, aiming to provide services of the highest standards without compromising from quality.